Purple Orange raises the bar for stationery – through distinctive design, exceptional quality, a luxurious hand feel and personalization. Capturing life’s big and little moments – from the solemn and celebratory to gestures that simply show you care – our expertise meets your individuality with elegance, delight and surprise.

Our versatile collections speak volumes for every occasion – a refined touch to gifts, well wishes and thank yous. In a world where tools for correspondence abound yet true intimacy is rare, let our timeless offering remind you of the feeling of putting pen to paper.

Reach out to us for bulk and custom orders: we’d love to craft something special for you.

The founder

Nimrita Genomal

Purple Orange was born out of the desire to connect with discernment. As a new mother during 2020’s unprecedented lockdown, my eyes were opened to the art of giving and receiving gifts of appreciation and love. A creative challenge revealed itself whilst seeking stationery to represent my signature style.

With my background in Public Relations and instincts for how people aspire to communicate, I believe these collections offer nuance, value and style to mark every occasion.